Real Estate

Our attorneys have broad experience in the acquisition, development, management, leasing and financing of commercial property, office buildings and shopping centers. Our real estate practice is not limited to New York. Having served as acquisition counsel for owners and operators of shopping centers and office buildings nationwide, including the Apollo Real Estate Investment Fund, our attorneys have represented owners, buyers and sellers of commercial properties in California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, Illinois, New Mexico and other jurisdictions. We have developed relationships with preeminent local firms nationwide to act as co-counsel on behalf of our clients. We understand the inter-relationship of real estate law with other legal disciplines and are able to advise clients on the various and sometimes subtle implications of their choices.



We are transaction oriented, specializing in the various aspects of the development, financing, operation, acquisition and disposition of real estate — oftentimes dealing with properties with environmental issues or other problematic attributes. We regularly advise clients on, and implement, tax-free exchange transactions.

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