Business & Corporate

The firm engages in classic corporate practice, including the structuring of the enterprise, preparing and negotiating agreements among corporate shareholders, entity members and partners and advising and implementing corporate and entity governance.

These services extend to corporate restructuring and reorganizations, acquisitions and mergers. The attorneys of the firm have worked with close corporations and family businesses and are familiar with the challenges and issues unique to such enterprises.

While some of our clients are large businesses, most are smaller or mid-size entrepreneurial companies. For them, we are regarded as their outside general counsel. When necessary, through a network of counsel who are preeminent in their fields, we are able to make appropriate references when highly specialized skills are required and—unlike large firms—are not beholden to internally refer matters to sometimes weak internal departments.

A growing number of clients are engaged in e-commerce, for whom we work on the structuring, creation and negotiation of specialized agreements and documentation. These include affiliate agreements, licensing and development agreements, marketing agreements for internet sales, network subscriber agreements, confidentiality agreements, employment and independent contractor agreements and agreements for the distribution of information as well as other agreements relative to the World Wide Web and other networks.

The firm is able to respond quickly and efficiently to client projects and problems. We provide, without additional cost to the client, necessary personal contact between the attorney and the client to facilitate familiarity with the client's particular business operations and unique issues and needs to enable the attorney to provide knowledgeable and client-specific advice and guidance.

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